Google G

Google AdWords Search Campaigns: Show your text ads and link to your company website with phone number when people search for the keywords you have selected on Google.


Google AdWords Display Campaigns: Promote your company’s banner ads on Google network sites in order to achieve the best possible results by using eye-catching and engaging advertising techniques.


Google Remarketing Campaigns: Targets customers who have already visited your site. Show them relevant ads that correlate with what they viewed while on your company website.

Google Places

Google Places: Appear in google search and google maps by displaying your business listing when a consumer searches local businesses through google. It maintains business information by updating location, contact information, hours, services, etc. as well as provides customer feedback for your added knowledge.

Shpping Cart

Google Merchant Center & Product Listing Ads: These two services allow you, as an e-commerce company, to show advertisements for your products for sale online on the Google Search page and Google Shopping tab with an image of the product and price.


Google Organic Rankings: Improve the placement of your website on search engines such as Google and Bing, namely in the organic/main results. Through a variety of strategies such as webpage improvement, relevant online business listings, online articles and more, SEO strategies can help you meet your online marketing goals.


Bing Ads: Expand your customer base and drive additional traffic by also allowing your ads to appear on Bing and their partner sites. Bing Ads use the same PPC (pay per click) structure with a few additional options.

Google Business

Google My Business: Set up and monitor business listing. Update business information, location, hours, images, services, as well as monitor and encourage customer reviews.


Google Analytics: Analyze key performance indicators in the traffic to your website. Including number of users, bounce rate, time on site, referral sources, device type, conversions, and more.


Google Plus: Google’s social media platform. Use Google Plus to increase Google Organic ranking, enhance map listings and expand Google Adwords text ads.


Project Management: Graphic Design, Writing Projects, Animation, Videos, Reporting & More.


Website Development: Web Design, edits, updates, reviews and recommendations to optimize website for conversions.